Membership in WADE Canada

WADE Canada carries out its work with the support of its members. WADE Canada members are a diverse group of organizations that share a common interest in promoting decentralized energy for the environmental and economic advantages DE offers. Currently WADE Canada's membership includes corporate leaders from the decentralized energy value chain, national cogeneration and decentralized energy associations, and a range of private and public institutions.

Current Members


Partner Affiliates

Alberta Innovates Technology Futures, Alberta
Association of Power Producers of Ontario, Ontario
Biogas Association, Ontario
Canadian American Business Council, Alberta
Canadian Environmental Technology Advancement Corporation, Alberta
Canadian GeoExchange Coalition, Quebec
Canadian Geothermal Energy Association (CanGEA), Alberta
Canadian Institute of Forestry , Ontario
Canadian Solar Industries Association, Ontario
Cybera, Alberta
Innovate Calgary, Alberta
Petroleum Technology Association of Canada, Alberta
Quality Urban Energy Systems of Tomorrow (QUEST), Ontario

Corporate Affiliates

45 Innovations (The PowerStack), Alberta
Aquatera Utilities Inc, Alberta
Bear Claw Lodge, British Columbia
Benoit & Cote, Quebec
Borealis GeoPower, Alberta
Canadian Gas Association, Ontario
David Horsley, Alberta
Eguana Technologies Inc, Alberta
EMF Technical Services, Alberta
EnerDynamic Systems Inc, Ontario
Energreen Solutions Inc, Ontario
Enmax Corporation, Alberta
European Power Systems Ltd , Ontario
Fraser & Company, Ontario
GE Energy, Canada
Genalta Power, Alberta
GeoSpectrum Energy Inc®, Alberta
Goose Creek Renewable Energy Inc, Alberta
Government of the Northwest Territories, Northwest Territories
Grow The Energy Circle (Grow-TEC)
Hawkesworth Strategies
Husky Energy Inc, Alberta
IRIS Environmental Systems Inc., Alberta
Lakeland College, Canada
MHG Systems, Canada
NicaraguaHomes2Own, Quebec, Nicaragua
NuEnergy Group Inc, Alberta
OpenGate Properties, Alberta
Overview Business Consulting, Alberta
Portfire Associates, Alberta
RER Renewable Energy Research, Quebec
Rocky Mountain Power, Alberta
Simple Solar Heating Ltd, Alberta
Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition, British Columbia
SkyFire Energy, Alberta
Starland County, Alberta
Steeper Energy, Alberta
Supershell Homes Corp, Ontario
Town of Black Diamond, Alberta
Trover Solutions Ltd
WastAway Services Canada Inc.

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